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Mesa, AZ

Mission Statement

Kitt's Kitten Rescue

Kitt’s Kitten Rescue, INC was founded in May 2012 when it was observed that many kittens and cats were being euthanized in shelters because they had easily treatable illnesses, such as upper respiratory infections or ring worm. The majority of our kittens are sick when received from shelters or the public. We provide medical treatment for these felines and give them a safe home with one of our fosters. When first started the rescue was funded by personal belongings being sold on Craigslist. Currently, we are still funded solely by public donations. We save approximately 175 animals annually. In the past 3 years, we have grown larger than what was thought possible and we became partners with BOTH  Petco and Petsmart and now showcase a number of our cats on a regular basis.

Our Mission is to save the countless number of kittens/young cats at risk to be euthanized each year in local shelters. The problem is largely created by pet abandonment, overcrowding in shelters, and shelters inability to take care of sick felines. Our goal is to provide them with a nurturing and safe environment and full medical care. When age appropriate, the healthy felines will be altered and placed in a permanent, safe and loving home. The well-being of felines placed in our care is our top priority.