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What to Expect

Mesa, AZ

Kitt's Kitten Rescue

Kittens are a commitment on many levels. Not only are you now responsible for their health and livelihood you are also responsible for keeping them constantly entertained. Kittens are just like babies and toddlers, they need constant supervision to ensure they aren’t chewing on cables, swallowing and choking on small items, licking things that make them sick, and just about everything else you monitor with a human baby. Are you gone most of the day? Do you enjoy going out of town on the weekends often?  Are you willing to be woken up every night by nibbles on your toes, nose, and fingers because your kitten doesn’t understand nighttime is for sleep?

Please ensure you have TRULY thought about your choice of a kitten. Without adequate exercise, one on one attention, and mental stimulation you are doing a disservice to this young cat that wants nothing more than to be a well-rounded adult cat.

 Adult cats are not defective, nor are they any less cuddly or lovable. It is easy to love a kitten, they are innocent and full of energy while cats can be hesitant and doubtful. Our adult cats are not defective, they are not damaged. They were abandoned or lost, mothers to kittens that have since been adopted, relinquished by the owners due to living situations, and so many other heart breaking situations. To have and then lose your human family is devastating to these animals, and that heartache is eased with every cuddle and pet. The gratitude they show when food and water is easily given is one that warms your heart.  Having a safe forever home is the only thing they’ve wanted and while they are safe here..they’re still waiting. Waiting for you to meet them and saying those magic words, ”You’re coming home with me”.

Introducing to Current Cat